“Thank you, again, for the great 2012 season!  Chris is very knowledgeable and it doesn’t take him long to figure out the daily pattern.  Even on those brutal bluebird days, Chris knows the spots to bring you some action.  It’s been more than a few years since I had multiple fish days on the Fox Chain (32”-42”).  With his help we managed to do this, even on the weekends with all crazy boat traffic.  I highly recommend Chris to everyone from Beginner or Novice to Experienced.

–Charles F.


“I met Chris while visiting a local fishing shop after finding my extreme desire to catch my first Muskie.  We started the hunt soon thereafter and I was hooked.  He worked with what I already knew and perfected my technique and I was quickly confident in my skills.  Every time we hit the water, I fell like I leave with vastly more knowledge than when I arrived.  Not only is Chris a great guide, he is a good guy to learn from.”

–Andrew B.


“I have been out fishing with Chris on multiple occasions, and plan to get out with him again this year.  He put me on my first ever Musky, in only 20 minutes of fishing, and has led me to many more since then.  He is always professional and courteous when we are out on the water, and always works to make sure that my expectations are met.  I always have a good time when I’m fishing with Chris!!”

–Tim K.


“I have been Musky fishing for 18 years, studied Fisheries Biology and spend much of my professional life outdoors.  So I always appreciate talking to someone who appreciates the sport as much, if not more, than I.  Despite all that, I had never had a chance in my travels to seriously Musky fish the Chain of Lakes in Northern Illinois.  He mentioned that he guided the Chain and many other Lakes around the area.  Needless to say, I booked two trips in the Fall of 2012.  The fishing was great!  We raised many fish (many of which were above average fish).  Boated a few undersize and a very healthy and hefty 38”, which was almost a double.  I would, and have, recommended Chris to many of my friend, or to anyone who is looking for a professional, fun and knowledgeable Musky Fishing Guide.”

–Andrew R.


“I have known Chris and have been fishing with him for 30 years and would never pass up an opportunity to be out on the boat with him.  Chris has always, in my eyes, been a great fisherman and also a great teacher.  Always teaching about new lures or just showing you new ways to catch fish, even on the worst days.  I would high recommend anyone to get out fishing with Chris.  Not just to experience the skill he has putting you on fish but also the opportunity to have a great time doing it.

 –Anthony T.


I remember meeting Chris when we started playing in a band together and I distinctly remember him asking me, “You like to fish?”  That was over nine years ago, and we’ve been fishing together ever since.  I had never caught a Musky before fishing with Chris, and although it WAS the fish of a thousand casts for me, I always saw fish.  I have become a much more seasoned Musky fisherman in the 9 years fishing with Chris and I have caught more Musky than I would have ever thought.  There is much more to fishing than just putting your pole in the water, and Chris does a great job running the boat, putting you on the spot and reading what the element are giving you in order to find the fish.  All in all, he comes highly recommended and you won’t be disappointed with a day on the water with Chris!”

–Matthew K.


“I met Chris through a Musky Tales Home Show I had at my house.  He spoke about different lakes in the area and mentioned that he also guided.  I have fished Three Oaks Recreation area multiple times with absolutely no luck at all.  All I ever heard was there were a lot of big fish there, but I could never catch them!  I told Chris about my luck at Three Oaks and he said, “You have to know how to fish clear water lakes.”  We went out there about a week later and we caught 13 bass and got bitten off twice in four hours!  He definitely taught me how to fish clear water that day.  For the first time in my life, I decided to try my luck at Musky Fishing with Chris.  They say it’s a fish of 10,000 casts.  Well, not with Chris!  We had 22 follows that day and caught 8 Muskies!  I am looking forward to joining the 50 Inch club in 2013 knowing that Chris is the only one that can put me on that fish!  Chris loves to fish and is knowledgeable and will put you on the fish of your dreams.  He has a beautiful boat and top-of-the-line equipment.  I fished with Chris 12 times in 2012 and caught a lot of fish and I have already booked trips with him for 2013.  You will have a great time fishing with Captain Chris!”

–Michael P.