What to Bring

You will want to bring a few things along with you:

– Sunglasses – a good pair of Sunglasses are important to protect your eyes from the elements.  This is also important for Ice Fishing.

– Rain gear

– Snow gear – if you’ve booked an Ice Fishing Trip you should be sure to bring warm gloves, boots, snowsuit/pants, face mask, etc.

– Cooler with Ice – if you plan on keeping any fish, this is a necessity.

– Lunch – we will usually stop at a local restaurant to have lunch, but you are welcome to bring your own lunch if you prefer.

Everything else will be provided for you: Sunscreen, water, snacks, rods, reels and all baits.  For Ice Fishing, the tent, heaters, rods, reels, electronics, and all baits will be provided.